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Valérie Boulva   e-mail

16. März 2009 | Uhr 15:03

I seek a crème against eczema and I am tombée on the site of Purify Herbs which produces a crème à bases of oil of liver of shark. Do you know this product?
I seek also appréciations on the English products Essential Care which are now sold in France, and which have them a Lotion réparatrice bio préconisée in the event of eczema.
And in général, quid of the label Soil Association compared to the labels français and German?
Thank you!

Toni Kim   e-mail

24. Februar 2009 | Uhr 03:39

Dear Rita Stiens,

My name is Toni Kim (ms), literay agent in Korea.
I’m pleased to ask you yew you control the foreign rights off the following titles and the Korean rights are still available. In Korean Customer is very interested in translating into Korean.

* The VÃ ‰ RITÃ ‰ ON the COSMÃ ‰ TICKS of Rita Stiens

Does Could you please let custom conclude have licensing contract with you for Korean edition? We' Re willing to negotiate one the terms off contract.

Yew you need further information butt custom and our project, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

Literary Agency Greenbook
Ms Toni Kim: toni@grb-agency.com
Our Blog: http://blog.naver.com/kaspar00
Address: Seodaemungu Changcheondong 502-8, Continuation #102, 120-836 Seoul, Rep.o. Korea
Such: +82 (0) 70-8245-3245 Faxes: +82 (0) 2-3142-2201 Mobile: +82 (0) 10 6595 2201

Ady   d´accueil page e-mail

France, DER 18. Januar 2009 | Uhr 12:14

I allow you écrire because in one of your articles you known as qu’il na€Texist not of déodorant méritant la€Tappellation BIO (Cosmébio & BDIH)
However, Phyt’s a mark that I have known for more than 20 years, which is a mark BIO labélisé and destinée d’abord with the professionals of la€TesthA©tic, proposes one déodorant labélisé Cosmébio.
D’ailleurs you in parlé in your book  “the vérité on the natural products ”.

Why this contradiction?

Thank you d’avance and thank you for all this information that you give us! A true mine d’or for us consuming and professional.

Good continuation


carillo Claudine   e-mail

14. Januar 2009 | Uhr 15:05

thank you bcp for this site; What a joy of découvrir it! I will make known it; it is précieux très in information.
I solicit a council: the skin of my face is très réactive, allergic to the crèmes with essential oils and perfumes.
I use tolériane rock posay but certain components are criticizable. Could you advise me a crème hydrating for allergic? or to propose an article on this thème?
thank you bcp and good continuation
Très cordially and beautiful année in beauté

Rita Stiens

28. November 2008 | Uhr 10:00

My réponse:

They are components for chemical capillary colorings

:-) :-) :-) 4-amino-2-hydroxytoluene (dye)
:-) :-) :-) 2-methylresorcinol (coupler)
:-) :-) toluene-2.5-diamine sulfates (dye)
:-) :-) :-) p-aminophenol (rA©vA©lator)

Rita Stiens

CARDILLO   e-mail

27. November 2008 | Uhr 12:19


I seek infos on the components:
toluene-2.5-diamine sulfates

Can you help me it is rather urgent?

thank you


09. November 2008 | Uhr 13:58

what do you think of colorings Martine mahé? it would seem that it is coloring “less the” harmful one among those which cover the hair blancs… exists about it the different one?
thank you!


08. November 2008 | Uhr 02:00

have is made étude of the gel shower? one includes/understands nothing there, même the bio contain ammonium lauryl sulfate. which are the nonharmful gel shower?
thank you very much

mellecaro   e-mail

30. Oktober 2008 | Uhr 17:30

thank you to have crée this super useful site très:)


monthieu   e-mail

07. Oktober 2008 | Uhr 19:37

I have just read your file on the déo, cheer. I have a long time utilisé the stone of alum, but it is very of même not sympathetic très. I for some time test new the déo bio of Kibio, it is that pleasure… odor and feeling fraîche and it holds the journée.

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