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your remarks & suggestions

your remarks & suggestions

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02. Oktober 2008 | Uhr 13:11


I held à to thank you for this site which I find really fantastic!!!

Since I know it, I vérifie all my products and ça help me à to make the sorting in my wall cupboards.

And I must acknowledge, that before buying a product, I vérifie initially ingrédients…

Thus still thanks for having me donné the possiblité to buy in all sérénité!!!

JANINE   e-mail

23. September 2008 | Uhr 11:28

With which to make confidence in the products cosmA©tic bio, freezing shower peel of citrus fruits sold by laboratory FLORAME (the chairman of FLORAME is it président COSMEBIO) in the composition: AMMONIUM LAURYL SULFATES ......... with the mention charter cosmébio….

Didier Arthaud   e-mail

Paris, DER 21. September 2008 | Uhr 10:47

I wish to add medicated water in my cosmétiques.
However, some of them possèdent potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate.
Up to what point is this compatible à 100% in a natural approach and bio? And is it possible to find alternatives?
E.g. Distylat bio of flowers of elder tree SB, caricilne bio, mentha piperita leaf toilets…

Flora   e-mail

deodorant, DER 08. September 2008 | Uhr 22:23

I have just découvrir the essential oil of PALMAROSA
some drops and 100% efficacité, perfume agréable, natural solution! I have trouvé never yet better.
To test and has to adopt!

Rita Stiens

24. August 2008 | Uhr 18:18

Expensive readers of my site

J’ai reçu some emails in which one asked me what I think of certain marks. Mocoor for example asks me for my opinion on Couleur Caramel. It is difficult to give a total réponse à this type of question because I do not know all the products d’une mark. In connection with Color Caramel:
1. Information on Color Caramel and of the analyzes of certain products of Color Caramel is in my book  “Vérité on Cosmétiques Naturels ” (in the édition news of 2008 on pages 68 and 69, the analyzes on pages 287,290,292 and 293, the notes of these 4 products: très well and well).
Like I it décris in détail in my books, the products cosmA©tic certifiés have major l’avantage qu’il is déterminé à l’avance this qu’ils can contain or not. In the case of the products make-up, for which it before is very put l’accent on the colors, certifications Ecocert/Cosmebio or BDIH prohibit l’emploi doubtful dyes azoïques. The même thing applies to potentially harmful conservatives for the santé or of the polluting ingrédients like silicones or l’EDTA.
2.Dans the case of the products not certifiés, the consumer n’a more qu’ only one option: to be made him-même a idée qualité ingrédients. With my base of données INCI I wish to facilitate to you to the maximum this tâche.
établis the cosmA©tic manufacturers of products bio français do not propose range of make-up. D’autres, présents également on the marché français, do it for a long time. Thus there exist products of make-up certifiés (make-up foundation, powders, make-up à paupières, red à lèvre, gloss etc) Dr. Hauschka, Logona, Lavera or HEALTH.
My wish: that you remain fidèles à my site, little à little I will lean on the most various products, the products of make-up included.
Rita Stiens


24. August 2008 | Uhr 14:54

For the déodorants, nothing simpler than to replace them by an alum stone. Ecological, économique less 10â ‚¬ for 1 year to see more, to buy it in store bio without packing for éviter that the plastic keeps bad smell… No the allergy…

mocoor   e-mail

20. Juli 2008 | Uhr 10:33

what think of the products cosmA©tic color caramel?

Laurence-aboneobio   d´accueil page e-mail

03. Juli 2008 | Uhr 14:14

Your information is précieuses to give transparency to the consumers on the face cachée of étiquettes. I apprécie particulièrement the comparative ones, standard freezing shower, which makes it possible to explain the différence between a product à 2 euros and that à 20 euros.
To educate, acccompagner, to help, offer comfortable simple solutions and, voilà how I see our rôle distributer engagé for more bio, of écolo and équitable to the daily newspaper.
Thank you for us to help there! Obviously your site on this site à all its place in our favorites.


19. Juni 2008 | Uhr 17:34


super instructive site, très!
it is much of work! cheer!

a tite suggestion however: when some ingrédients are not appropriate, couldn't one mention ingrédients with the more satisfactory propriétés équivalentes but?

milk   e-mail

06. Juni 2008 | Uhr 13:16

hello Madam,
your site is really BRILLIANT…
Thank you for your assistance and your councils which are of large a utilité when one is passionnée by the “bio attitude”.
GOOD CONTINUATION. I will continue à to read you.

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