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” Why control and criticism are the best parking quality

The fact that Afssaps (French Agency of public health of the health products) found, at the time of its investigation, of the traces of parabenes in products of cosmetic bio starts animated discussions, even of the polemics.

• Is what the results constitute a reason to worry about its own health? The answer is: not. But the results highlight that:

• The sector of the natural cosmetics and bio is not an ideal world free from any imperfection. It would be illusory to suppose it. Is what the cosmetics bio hold their promises? Is what they or require are sufficiently good modifications, improvements? Even in cosmetic natural and bio, one should permanently put such questions and find answers there.


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Nature can be idyllic. To manufacture natural cosmetics and bio requires nevertheless much competence and of attention.

Is what the cosmetic natural and bio are worthy of confidence?

What teaches us the fact that Afssaps found traces of parabenes? With my opinion two things:
• One needs more information. Afssaps highlighted that Ecocert authorized until now the phenoxyethanol and parabenes for the preliminary conservation of the raw materials. Ecocert, just like the manufacturers concerned, were denounced because they had not been sufficiently transparent on this subject. I approve the fact that they were finally denounced.
• Distinctions should be made. Certain manufacturers lost their no-claims bonus of confidence, but not all. For this reason, it would thus not be adapted to put all the manufacturers in the same bag.

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spacer spacer spacer Why turn around the pot?

WerCelui which follows closely the natural evolution of the cosmetic of the 20-30 last years, as it is my case, will have especially noticed the intensity with which the “obstetricians” of the cosmetic natural worked and continue to work in the field of the research and the development.
• There will be all kinds of reasons to give matter to be discussed because manufacturers will have knowingly missed with their duties and also because they will have missed there without realizing it.
• In Germany, the ÖkoTest magazine was and remains, with its regular analyzes of laboratory, an important “guide” of the cosmetic natural and bio. By dividing into sheets the various numbers, one will realize that there always was matter to discuss. Whether it is about undesirable traces or of methods of test.
• A critical accompaniment by the means of the media is for the cosmetic natural and bio quite as important as for the other sectors. Controls of organizations of state are quite as essential.
• The experiment shows it: “the revelations” like the traces of phenoxyethanol and parabenes make react the manufacturers who will analyze the origin of this incident and will ensure that does not reproduce any more.
• So that does not reproduce really more, I consider it essential to call a spade a spade. The consumers should know which products comprised or always comprise empty promises.
• Is what the fact of naming these marks would be a reason to be diverted mark completely? Not. The consumer should on the other hand have the possibility of leaving side the products containing of empty promises. Once the manufacturer will have solved the problem it will have there no more reason to be unaware of it. To be able to rectify errors should and must always be possible.
• With the subject “penoxyethanol and parabenes” Afssaps put the finger on a fault of Ecocert-/Cosmebio certification.
Since 2009 the preliminary conservation of the raw materials by phenoxyethanol and parabenes is not authorized any more. Products containing of the ingredients having been preserved as a preliminary with phenoxyethanol and parabenes will be on the other hand still in the stores during a certain time.
• For the second great organization of certification, the controlled natural Cosmetic BDIH, the phenoxyethanol and the parabenes are authorized in no form (even not for the preliminary conservation of the raw materials).

My plea: It is worth to fight for improvements.
The cosmetic natural and bio are worth it well!

To be marked “without phenoxyethanol nor parabene” on a product whose components were preserved with phenoxyethanol and parabenen- it is nevertheless not acceptable!
• Nevertheless, cosmetic natural and bio is to it a concept which differs in a considerable way of the cosmetic conventional.
• If you look at closely the components of doubtful synthesis, (doubtful on the medical level, just like the environmental plan) usually employed in the cosmetic conventional, you will note that the list is very long. A great number of doubtful and very reactive substances are used - particularly as regards conservatives.
• The cosmetic natural and bio are basically different. It is not allowed - and this for all certifications - in cosmetic natural and bio to employ the extremely doubtful components like the conservatives of very aggressive synthesis liberators type of formaldehyde, azo dyes, etc It has no reason there to blame in a general way it cosmetic natural and bio!


Really “without parabenes, nor phénoxyethanol”? Afssaps discovered that some manufacturers lied.

The results of Afssaps are a chance

The cosmetic natural and bio deserve neither the total praises nor reverses to it damnation in block.
• That the consumers are disappointed because Afssaps found traces of phenoxyethanol and parabenes in certain products is comprehensible. But it cosmetic natural and bio is not a “entity” in oneself: There are various marks, and for all the marks, there are various products and there are various certifications.
• More is information on this subject, from here a few days in my booklet/ebook “It what, the Cosmetic bio? ”.
• There are several reasons to evoke the distinctions between the various schedules of conditions from certifications and the differences in natural quality in cosmetic and bio. I call into question much of things personally. But not the fact that it cosmetic natural and bio differs in a considerable way of the cosmetic conventional.
• Criticism should always be concrete. For the phenoxyethnol and parabenes, certain manufacturers made an important error: they lied. It would be necessary to correct these errors, and that quickly.
• The media, consumers' associations and the authorities concerned are there to uncover anomalies. That they do it is completely creditable. But it is also to have to them to inform in a concrete and constructive way.
• The consumers will have to be accustomed more than until now at the fact that in cosmetic natural and bio all that shines is not gold: there is cosmetic bio of excellent quality and less quality. But even it cosmetic bio of less quality is distinguished considerably from the cosmetic conventional with regard to the possible use of doubtful components for health.
• Controls and criticism are important instruments. Better will be controls and more the consumer will look closely what it consumes, better it will be!



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